The podcast is back in a brand new format, once a week on the podcast I will be answering your questions directly. You can watch the episode, or download it directly from iTunes.

In this episode, we hear from, Reality TV hopeful, Michael, who wants to know,  should I contact a Casting Director directly and to what level it is appropriate? Find out the answer to this and more below!

Podcast Notes: You can listen to the podcast right here on the website by clicking the yellow play button below or you can download it right from the link underneath to listen on your computer or iPod. The Podcast is also available in iTunes, you can subscribe by clicking this link.

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Get Started Now! All of my best Reality TV casting advice!

Hey and welcome to my site all about how to get cast on Reality TV! Here you can check out all of my best advice about how to get cast on Reality TV both in articles and free podcasts! My Best Casting Advice on Free Podcasts! You can download all of the podcasts for free […]

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Ian’s Corner — Second Chances

  In Big Brother, much like in life, “second chances” are hard to come by. However, a few players, after having been evicted earlier in their season, have earned a second chance at the Big Brother game.  With each player that earns a second chance, the means with which they re-entered the game has been different. Looking back, five players […]

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Ian’s Corner — Overnight Flip, Double Eviction, and a Return to Standard Play

A wise woman once said, “In the Big Brother house, things change on a dime.” I remember being told that as a player, and after watching the feeds last night, I really couldn’t agree more.  Zach, who was once a dead man walking, is looking like he’ll be safe at least in tonight’s first eviction. […]

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Ian’s Corner — The Physics of the “Tilting-Wall” Endurance Competition

With the long lockdown the HouseGuests faced today, many are speculating that tonight’s competition for Head of Household will be an endurance competition. While earlier seasons of Big Brother featured endurance competitions that solely measured concentration and just “how bad” a player wanted power (“Pressure Cooker” anybody?), the modern game utilizes endurance comps that much more physical […]

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