April 2013


Robyn-Kass-Reality-TV-Casting-HelpThe 11th Episode of the Podcast brings the conclusion of one of our most listened to episodes ever!

If you haven’t listened to Episode 10 an Interview with Robyn Kass you should before listening to Episode 11!

In this episode Robyn answers your submitted questions and also sheds some light on the “recruiting” process.

Podcast Notes:

You can listen to the podcast right here on the website by clicking the gray play button above or you can download it right from the link below to listen on your computer or iPod.

The Podcast is also available in iTunes, you can subscribe by clicking this link.

All Podcasts are recorded in one take, no re-dos or anything.

The reason I am doing this is because I want to record a Podcast as if I was directly talking to you in a conversation.   Not a glossed over edited unrealistic conversation.  When edits come into play, the human element and error is lost.


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Thumbnail image for HGR 010: Interview With Legendary Casting Directory Robyn Kass – Part 1

HGR 010: Interview With Legendary Casting Directory Robyn Kass – Part 1


Wow, we’ve made it to the 10th episode! And it’s a good one! This podcast is an Part 1 of an interview with Robyn Kass, a Reality TV Casting Director who has been in it since the beginning of Reality TV! In this episode learn how Robyn got started along with insight into how she […]

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