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In Big Brother, much like in life, “second chances” are hard to come by. However, a few players, after having been evicted earlier in their season, have earned a second chance at the Big Brother game.  With each player that earns a second chance, the means with which they re-entered the game has been different.

Looking back, five players have earned a second chance throughout BB’s 15 seasons thus far. Additionally, Sharon on BB9 was brought back from her early eviction to replace Neil, who left the house for “personal reasons”. Looking back at the five returns, there’s basically three different mechanisms with which players have returned to the game. This article will take a look at these three different return-pathways, and outline the evicted players’ chances at coming back with each of them.

Current HouseGuests Vote on the Returnee

First used in Season 3 in which the Houseguests voted Amy Crews to return over Eric Ouelette. This method was used again in Season 9 when the HouseGuests voted to put James Zinkland back into the game over the “Mystery HouseGuest” (that ended up being Alex Coladonato).

So, given that Nicole is going to get the boot tonight, it’s pretty likely that the house (and by “house” I mean Derrick) would feel the least comfortable with Hayden coming back out of the evicted jurors. Jocasta and Nicole would stand a pretty good chance here, especially since Nicole has said that she’s not targeting Derrick if she were to stay. I also feel like she’d be the most malleable player for Derrick to control in his benefit.

Viewers Vote on the Returnee

Used in Season 6 and used somewhat in Seasons 9 and 13, it helped give Brendon Villegas and Kaysar Ridha another chance in the game (interestingly enough, both were evicted immediately after their returns). If this method is used to bring back a player, I feel like Nicole stands the best shot at winning a vote to return here. Jocasta has basically no chance of returning in this timeline, and I’d argue that Nicole is slightly more popular than Hayden is. With that, I’d imagine Nicole has the best shot at returning under this method.

Competition to Return

In Season 13, Brendon had to beat Lawon in a competition after he won the viewer vote to re-earn his HouseGuest status.  In Big Brother 15, Judd beat the three other jurors in an Endurance competition for the chance to get back in the game. Of course, in this situation, Hayden is the hot favorite to return to the game. If it’s endurance however, Nicole stands just as good a shot as he does.

So, based on what we know about the ways players have returned to the Big Brother game, it looks like Nicole has a really good shot at getting back in the game. Hayden is definitely in with a chance in the competition scenario, but Jocasta has virtually no shot at getting back into the house. Then again, it’s Big Brother, so anything can happen.

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