HGR 011: Interview With Legendary Casting Directory Robyn Kass – Part 2

by Dan Gheesling

Robyn-Kass-Reality-TV-Casting-HelpThe 11th Episode of the Podcast brings the conclusion of one of our most listened to episodes ever!

If you haven’t listened to Episode 10 an Interview with Robyn Kass you should before listening to Episode 11!

In this episode Robyn answers your submitted questions and also sheds some light on the “recruiting” process.

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Dan Gheesling: This is the “How To Get On Reality TV Podcast” with Dan Gheesling: Episode 11. Let’s, go!

Welcome to the “How To Get On Reality TV Podcast,” where you will learn everything you need to know about getting cast on a reality television show. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or if you have applied many, many times before. This podcast will help you improve your casting game.

Welcome back to another episode of the “How to Get On Reality TV Podcast”.  Super excited, you decided to come back for yet another episode.  I just want to let you guys know one thing, the last episode… episode 10, the interview with Robyn Kass was to this date the most listened to episode thus far.  So obviously you guys enjoyed that one and you came back because you wanted to hear the second part of her interview.  And in the second part of the interview with Robyn Kass we’re gonna talk about her thoughts on recruiting in reality TV casting, as well as she’s also going to take the questions you guys submitted through the Facebook page and through the email list to me to have Robyn answer.  And she really kinda holds nothing back and gives some great answers so I’m super excited to finally share the second part of this podcast with you.  Before we go into that, if you haven’t already listed to that episode with Robyn, the first part of this interview I highly recommend you do that because, so you can catch up and kind of get filled in as to where we are right now and you can catch up on that episode by going to HowtoGetOnRealityTV.net/episdode10 and that will play the first part of the Robyn Kass interview podcast.  And one more quick thing, I just wanna thank everyone who has taken the time out to rate this podcast.  In iTunes to this day we have 32 ratings and I really appreciate it.  So with that being said, we’re going to jump in to part two of the interview with the legendary casting director, Robyn Kass, I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Now I want to ask you, this is probably a really like highly contested question and I’m glad you agreed to answer it because I know some people have like kind of a poor view on it but you know I wanna ask you, can you talk about the role recruiting takes place in reality TV casting.  What I’m talking about is like, you know because it’s clearly you have to go out at some point and find certain types of people, whether it’s a hot guy or hot girl, can you talk about that aspect of recruiting?

Robyn Kass: Yeah, I also, it’s very funny because clearly fans are very opinionated when it comes to recruiting and I don’t think people totally know what’s involved in it.  It’s not so much where I say to my staff, “go out and find good looking girls”, that’s not what it is.  What I will say to my staff and myself is year round I have my cards with me, always.  I don’t care if I’m casting Big Brother or any other show and if I go out and hear questions next to me, they’re funny, they’re crazy, they’re heated… whatever I will go up and approach these people.  It doesn’t mean I’m looking specifically for that person, it means that I’m always looking for people.  I always walk up to people and say you’d be great on a reality show; can I get your number?  You’d be really, I think you’re a funny character, I like the way you’re walkin’ and talkin’ and dancin’ and wooin’ the ladies, I think that’s funny.  You might be good on a show.  So it’s not like I’m out going like “I need to find hot blonde girl”.   It means that we’re always talking to people, we’re always around people and if I’m at a bar and someone is hilarious, and funny, and great and good TV and everyone in the bar is watching them, I absolutely want them to audition for my show.  I will say, that every single person that’s recruited goes through the same thing as everybody else.  They apply, if they make it past the open call, they’ll go to a semi-final round, we’ll put them on tape.  We’ll put them on tape, from there they’re pick them.  They go through the same process as everybody else.  It’s not like I walk up to a guy in a bar and I’m like “do you wanna be on Big Brother?” and then he’s in the house later.

(Dan laughs)

Robyn Kass: Which for some reason I think people think that’s it.  That person still has to go through the process like everybody else. Apply, go through semi finals, come out for finals, meet the producers, meet myself, the network has to approve them.  I mean it’s a big long process and I think that sometimes the best sort of TV are the people who wouldn’t normally apply for a TV show.

Dan Gheesling: Mmhmm

Robyn Kass: And I’m just gonna go to Jordan just because she’s a name that most people know.  I mean I don’t know that she’d ever even seen Big Brother before.  I remember we had to set up an email account for her, she didn’t have email before. And whether or not you think she was deserving of the win, she’s sort of that perfect example of somebody who had never applied for a reality show, ended up being a really fun character, really likable, really root able, people wanted her to win, it was funny to hear the stuff coming out of her mouth and I think that she was like a golden person that was recruited and sometimes those people, are people who would, she never would have gone to an open call on her own.

Dan Gheesling: Right, and if you’re listening and have no idea who Jordan is, she’s a really, really, super sweet, kinda southern belle, like just American, like you just love her.  And Robyn and I were talking about this, like you just can’t, you know, how do you create that? How do you fake that?  You can’t.

Robyn Kass:  Right, and she’s somebody who never came in saying what she thought.  She didn’t know really what the process was.  It’s so real, she was so funny, some of the things that came out of her mouth, and if you watch the show you see her like “is this for real?” She’s not faking it, she’s not trying to impress us.  She didn’t know who the hell I was, or the producers.  And those types of people sometimes are not the type of people who come to open calls. And that’s not to say it’s good, or bad, or better, or I’d rather have people who are recruited, or I’d rather have people at open calls or tapes, I just want the best people on the show.  Whether or not they’re a fan of the show, whether or not they’ve seen one season versus eight seasons.  And I think it’s interesting how um Big Brother fans feel like certain people are, certain people have the right to be on the show more than others.  I don’t agree with that.  You know, if you were a fan the last two years, versus someone who has watched for the last… since season two, that person’s not, that person shouldn’t be on the show? Because maybe they were off in college. Maybe they had to go to sleep early. Maybe they didn’t know about the show.  Maybe they didn’t have cable.  Maybe, maybe their life has changed since then.  Maybe they had other things.  Maybe they’re studying.  I mean, those people, it’s interesting how people say “they’re, you know, this person shouldn’t be on the show because of this, or this”.(Dan laughs) Or that you know a lot of people will say um, you know who, who is better fit for the show?  Is it the person who is the single mom who is raising three kids and um, is trying to support a family, or is it the guy who just finished medical school who has $350,000 in debt, I mean is one person… more, what’s the word I’m looking for?

Dan Gheesling: More deserving?

Robyn Kass: Yes, thank you.  Is one person more deserving than the other? I mean I’ll have fans tell me “he doesn’t deserve it, he went to medical school”.  Really? Well he’s eating Top Ramen and tuna fish for the next four years to pay off his debts and he’s not allowed to be on the show because he took that path?  Or “I’m more deserving because I had a medical issue”.  “I’m more deserving because I can name everybody who has ever been on Big Brother.” I mean all those things, are great to know about a person but the bottom line is, whether they’re recruited, whether they’re a super fan that came to an open call, they submitted a tape… they set next to me on a plane ride. Any of those things If you are good for the show, you’re good for the show.


Dan Gheesling: Okay. Now I think if we talk about it just on a high level, people who like talk about deserving anything. You know, It’s really, It’s just a whole different mindset. Which we are not going to get into here, but you brought up open casting calls. I want to ask you quickly, for someone that has never been to open casting call. Can you tell them what to expect? So, they have listened to you on this podcast Robyn. They are fired up and are going to their first casting call. What should they expect and what would you tell them, being the godmother of reality TV.


Robyn Kass: I would say the same advice I give to everybody. Get a good sleep, wear an outfit that you feel cute in, be prepared to talk about the show. You’re clearly going to surrounded by other big brother fans. So, what is really fun, a lot of people for some reason are nervous going. You are going to be waiting in line with other people that have similar interests as you. They want to talk about the show. All of my casting producers, I think and you can agree with me, are cool, or fun. They just want to chat with you, wanna ask you a couple of questions. Find out a little about your life. Find out if you are competitive. Find out a little about you. It’s really easy probably the worst part about it is waiting in line. You might have to wait an hour or two. but it is fast, painless, and fun and there is really no reason why people should not go.


Dan Gheesling:  (laughs) Okay, you sold me on it. Yes, everyone is super nice. You heard how much time she takes into developing her team and clearly when you are on a reality TV show. There are certain people that you keep in contact and obviously I would not keep in contact with Robyn unless she was a lot of fun and even some of the people on her staff are really, really nice.(laughs) So let me ask you this. So after someone goes through open casting call. You as the casting director, I know it is hard to quantify because you are on the certain side of the coin. When you break down an applicant, like when you are watching someone’s video. What are the top three things you look for?


Robyn Kass: I …Ok ..


Dan Gheesling:  Not as an applicant, you as watching it, are there things that you are looking for?


Robyn Kass: This is my example. I actually think I have given this example to you before. When you go to a dinner party. Maybe there is a group of strangers. There are 20 people you don’t know. You are sitting down with them and you never met them before. There will be someone at the table who tells a story. For some reason, you are drawn into that story. It makes you laugh; you’re interested in what they say. Something about their inflections and the way they talk. They’re super excited or super offensive. Whatever it is, you are remembering that person. You’re excited to hear about how the story is going to end and once it ends it gives you a feeling of completion and you are excited you listened and that you would like to hear that person more. The person sitting right next to them might tell the exact same story and you are like “Oh my God, (Dan laughs) have this person been talking for five hours? I’m asleep…  What else is on the menu? I need a cup of coffee” They might be telling the exact same thing, but there is something that you are drawn to in the first one. I am not saying they have to be funny or larger than life. Maybe it is the voice. Maybe it is their hand gestures. You are drawn to some people and I think that is what it is. When I listen to somebody. How am I drawn to them? Good or bad? Am I going to remember them? If there are ten guys that I am interviewing with dark hair and red shirts. (Dan laughs) At the end of the day, I would probably say, ” Do you remember the guy who said this?” “Oh yeah, yeah, we all remember” If you go like ” Do you remember the guy with the dark hair and… What was his story, I can’t remember” They should have some sort of lasting impression. Some sort of X factor that is very hard to describe.


Dan Gheesling: Okay well I think that is fair and honest. You are not going to get anything but honesty from Robyn Kass. As you wrap up my questions. I do want to get to these audience questions because they are really intelligent questions. But I want to ask you something maybe a little personal. What is the most difficult or disappointing or hard thing that you experience in your job as a casting director?


Robyn Kass: Listen. There is a lot of pressure in what I do. Sometimes I am not on the same page as the producers, and networks. Sometime I think people are great for the show and they don’t agree with me. Sometimes they love people and I don’t love them. The toughest part is kind of keeping my mouth shut. I think you really have to pick and choose your battles. If I go in and we’ve seen 30 people and I really, really like all of them, I will know that this guy, I am fighting for him. I will jump out of a building for him. Pick and choose those battles. It might mean that I am sacrificing this person over here. You know Frank is such a great example. For three years in a row. I have loved him and wanted him on the show. It broke my heart two years in a row, when he did not get in. but I sort of felt like I am going to bring him back. We are going to see if he can get on this time. I will tell you, season 13, when he didn’t get on, it was tough for me. I get really close to these people and I got really bombed out. I was super excited when he got on season 14 and I think that is a really tough part sometimes.  Sometimes we see different things. It doesn’t mean that they are right and I am wrong or I am right and they are wrong. We just see different things. It is really frustrating when you are not on the same page. Clearly I am not CBS and yes I am a gate keeperish. But they are the gatekeeper. They are the ones that are going to say to me “No, Robyn this person is not good and we need somebody else.”  And that’s tough. There are a lot of ups and downs in this job. Just like any job.


Dan Gheesling: For those people that don’t know. Frank was on this past season of Big Brother. He had applied and applied. He even got picked as an alternate. He told me that there was a point he was on and all of the sudden wasn’t. I know that I was rooting for him on that standpoint and Robyn was kinda the one that laid the path for him and then you are the one that’s like “Sorry Dude” You know I can see how that is really disappointing and so my last question for you. For someone that is like a Frank out there listening, someone that has been rejected, can you talk about someone that has tried out and they are close but can you talk about some of the outside variables that come into play? So say that some one that is listening and made it far. Can you talk about some of the outside variables that may give them some reassurance to keep trying out?

Robyn Kass: Yeah, and clearly you know first hand about, about you know, trying out, going for it and doing something you really love.


Dan Gheesling: Right.


Robyn Kass: I always say just because you’re not right for this season doesn’t mean you’re not right for the show.  Um, and you know remember there are thousands and thousands of people who apply and only 12 to 14 people who actually make it into the house.  I mean, I always say the casting is sort of like a big puzzle.  When we’re towards the end and we have our favorite 25 people, um we might, we have pictures of them on a table and we move everything around and how does this look? Will these people get along?  Will these people like each other?  And is there tension?  Is there someone to root for?  Is there someone to this…? And some of our favorite people might in the cast, and then out of the cast, and then in the cast, and then out of the cast, and then switching it up.  They might not be that puzzle piece this year; they might be a great puzzle piece next year.  And even if you don’t make it to finals, you know life experiences change people.  So maybe we might meet you when you’re, when you’ve just graduated college, you’ve lived at home you’re whole life um and you’ve only dated one person. And that’s fine, maybe not the most interesting person in the world.  Within the next year you have backpacked through Europe and you have started a new job, you’ve lost the love of your life, you’ve like… all those things, life experiences change you.  Maybe you got divorced, maybe you got married, maybe you have kids, all those things I think make you a different level and a different person. And a lot of people who’ve been on Big Brother… Um, how old were you when you were first on Big Brother Dan?


Dan: I was 24.

Robyn: Okay, so you were still pretty young. But sometimes people say, “I’m glad I went on when I was 29 because when I was 24, or when I was 21, I wasn’t ready for this competition. I wasn’t mentally there, and I breathe on the same note. You can say: I’m glad I didn’t do it when I was 21…

Dan: Exactly, I was just going to say that.

Robyn: And in these years, I’ve been a coach, I’ve lived a lot, I’ve seen a lot, and those things and life experiences help me play the Big Brother game.

Dan: Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth. I look back and like…if I would’ve been on the show when I was 21, it would’ve been a whole different experience, you know? So you’re saying that a reassuring factor is that say you don’t make the finals or semifinals, every year something can change and the experience in between that year can add to someone’s story. So now, Robyn, when I told people that I was going to be interviewing you for the podcast…I’m not gonna lie, I got a ton of responses from people who were super excited to ask you questions so I have a short list of questions from the audience. And I just want to hit some of these cause I had to weed some out because…

Robyn: Ask Kass!

Dan:  #AskKass! That’s the hashtag I sent out to the email list. So I got a big response, everyone is super excited to talk to you. So this question I’m going to take is from Ken and he emailed this question in and we kinda touched on this but he said: “Do you see a lot of phonies in casting and how do you recognize them?” I know we talked about it but could you just add a quick response to that? That’s probably one I should’ve crossed off because you answered it already.

Robyn: It is just one of those things that, after all these years of being in casting, I can smell it from a mile away. I can see the person walking towards me. (Dan laughs) I know what they’re going to say already. I’ve seen them a million times already. There’s no way for me to define exactly. Maybe it’s some crazy sixth sense that I have, I don’t know. But I just think, with all these years of Reality, I feel like I’m really good at weeding out the BS.

Dan: Let’s just call it the “Elimidate Factor” that (Robyn laughs) you picked up from Elimidate. Okay cool.

Robyn: I’ve been wrong a few times and I’m the first one to say that but, I think, for the most part my track record is pretty good.

Dan: Very good! Okay, so next question is from Tyler who emailed this question in and I’m sure you’ve gotten this a lot but I want you to set the record straight: “If someone bombs their open casting call, do you recommend that they also send in an audition video after?”

Robyn: Sure! Why not? That is probably the #1 question on my Twitter: “Should I do both? Should I send in a tape and go to an open call?” If that’s what you want, absolutely! You do not have to. One could be good, maybe they both are good, maybe, they both aren’t good at all. You absolutely can, you don’t have to. I don’t want people to think that they have to do both to get on the show. But, you’re right, sometimes they come to an open call, they don’t feel like they did a good job, they feel like the producers didn’t like them. Absolutely you can do that.

Dan: Okay, let me just ask a follow-up question: would any, like, would a conflicting version be…like you hated their audition video, you remember their  audition video, then you see them in person. Is that going to weigh on you decision?

Robyn: Not really. I think it’s whatever is in front of you. Listen. We understand that people get nervous. We understand people bomb. We understand, I mean, I’ll look at people and go “How do you think you did?” and usually how they feel is correct. I don’t know if you remember your interview but, like, you could walk out and I always walk people out and give them a hug and stuff, and there’s one of two reactions: either they’re like ‘YES!’ or some will look at me with tears in their eyes and they think that they bombed. And probably the way they feel is correct.

Dan: Yeah, I remember and I’ll never forget it. You actually took it one step further and, in one of the final interviews when I walked out, you were like “Dude, you killed it!” and I’m thinking, you know, I was pretty confident but I’m thinking: is Robyn messing with me? Does she say this to everyone? That’s just something I’ll always remember, you walking me out and walking me in to all the big time interviews. Which, obviously, thanks for doing that.

Robyn: You’re welcome!

Dan: Okay, next question quick question is from Ashley…this is a really cool question. This is from Ashley would sent it in via email: “In all you years of casting, who had the best, most memorable, maybe even funniest audition video that you’ve seen?”

Robyn: Wow. Oh my gosh…

Dan: That’s a great question!

Robyn: You know, and you even told me that this question was going to be asked and I should have this answer. I will tell you some that stick out in my head right now. Britney’s tape was HILARIOUS! I still remember she took a camcorder, drove around you tiny little, po-dunk town and literally made fun of every single store. (Dan laughs, hysterically) She’d be like “This is our mini-mall.” She’d show us a shot of the mini-mall, she’d put the camera on herself, say something about how bad she wanted to get out of the town. Then she would drive to another place and be like “This is our one stop sign.” (Dan laughs) She had us cracking up! Um…I still remember Dr. Will’s tape from Season 2. I remember him saying…he was so cocky on his tape and we were a little confused by him, I mean, he was the one who I think coined the phrase “Your daughters are gonna wanna marry me and your sons are gonna wanna hang out with me.” Kind of a thing. Um…I remember Mike Boogie’s tape from Season 2.

Dan: Rapping, right? He rapped on it?

Robyn: He was in a bar, and it was flashy, and he was like lying on the bar and booze. But I remember he had a he had a long rap that…I wish I still had that tape, it was really funny! Um…I also really remember Kevin’s from Season 11. I remember he had a really cool tape. It was super close-up and he was a little bitchy and saying things about the show and himself and there was like crazy lighting cues and stuff. I remember laughing really hard in his tape. I remember Willy’s tape was really funny also and he was dressed up as different characters in Big Brother. He was dressed as Julie Chen, and then he was dressed as Rachel with lipstick and big hair and he was pretending to interview each one of them. Um…gosh. I mean there’s been so many, but those are the ones that do stick out in my head.

Dan: I can’t even imagine Britney’s audition video. I mean probably what you saw in that tape is what you saw on the show.

Robyn: 100%! So funny! She was so bitter and it was hilarious.

Dan: That’s cool that you mentioned Dr. Will’s audition video because I remember scouring the Internet and I saw 3 seconds of his audition video on like a morning show and…I think it was him in the hospital and I’ve never forgotten that as like a 16 year old kid or was it in the doctor’s…something I remember was on location. Was that?…

Robyn: That’s funny you say that because I’m surprised you would even find that. I remember it was outside, he was leaning up against a car, and I remember it was horrible audio – the wind was blowing, all you could hear was [white noise], and still we were like…this guy…that’s when it was still all VHS tapes. We were like: did he even re-watch his tape? Is he cute? We couldn’t even tell. I mean, it was a long time ago but I still remember him coming to finals and us be like: who is that? (Dan laughs)

Dan: Now let me ask you this…cause you also cast Survivor and did you cast Boston Rob?

Robyn: I did, yeah!

Dan: I saw his audition video of him trying to get into a refrigerator…is that?

Robyn: Oh yeah, I remember that! I remember it so well.

Dan: That’s so crazy! So you’ve seen everything. I’m actually going to make fun of Britney as soon as we’re done with this podcast, I’m gonna call her and talk to her. But okay! Last few questions, cause I know you gotta go. Thank you for spending so much time. These are a kind of fun questions. This is kind of an interesting, quantifiable question. I think I know how you’re going to answer. But this question is from Chris who emailed it in and I’m just going to read it because I know he really wanted an answer: “What is the average breakdown of one of your casts from application? (like statistically) What’s the percentage of open calls vs. audition videos vs. recruits?” Is it different for every show?

Robyn: If I had to, I would say 33%, 33%, 33%.

Dan: Okay. That’s a fair answer.

Robyn: Out of every cast there’s some recruited. Every cast there is…the reason I’m looking this way is that I know you know I have pictures of all my casts on my wall. Every cast has people who went to an open call. Every cast has people who submitted a tape. Every cast has people who were recruited. So, I would say equal.

Dan: So you wouldn’t continue to do something that wasn’t working. Like if you had all audition videos, then clearly you would…cool. Okay, this question is from Michael on Facebook and he wants to know: “Of all time, who is your favorite UFC fighter?”

(Robyn laughs)

Robyn: Oh my God! This just opens a whole can of worms for me! Why would you do that to me?!

Dan: ONE! Pick one!

Robyn: Oh my God! And of course again I’m looking in my office because you know I have posters up and…my all-time favorite…God it’s so tough! I have such different ..

Dan: ONE!

Robyn: I have different favorites for such different reasons! Cause there’s my favorite that I would root for because I love them as a personality and then one who’s maybe my favorite fighter to watch.

Dan: Okay, let me clear up the confusion for you. There’s two arenas: your two favorites are in separate arenas. You gotta pick which one you go watch. Whichever person you would go into the arena to watch. That’s what Michael on Facebook wants to know – who that is.

Robyn: I mean, that could be the most difficult question of the week. (Dan laughs) Um…I’m going to say…I mean…I’m going to go with Forrest Griffin. Just because I feel like he’s…(sigh) you know, sort of responsible for what the UFC is being what it is right now. And I think you know that I was actually at that fight: Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Finale with the famous, I don’t know if you know this, Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin fight, which is the most famous which is why the UFC is what it is from that fight. I was actually there and, um, I just think he’s a funny personality, I like him on Twitter, and maybe he’s not a greatest fighter in the UFC but I would probably always root for him.

Dan: Okay, this is my personal fan question for you, Robyn: if you were to compete on one reality TV show that you’ve cast, which one would it be?

Robyn: ……oh my God……

Dan: You thought this was going to be an easy interview, Robyn. I saved all the hard questions until the end.

Robyn: That I’ve casted?

Dan: Yes!

Robyn: I mean it’s tough because the majority of my career has been in relationship shows. I probably would not compete…although Love In The Wild was pretty cool. Um…

Dan: You wouldn’t want to do Big Brother?

Robyn: (sighs) ………..

Dan: Survivor? The Bachelorette?

Robyn: Definitely not The Bachelorette. (Dan laughs) You know, I love Big Brother the most. I love the social and mental side of it more than…I’m definitely the biggest fan of Big Brother.

Dan: But I can tell you don’t want to compete on it.

Robyn: Listen I would KILL IT on Big Brother! I don’t necessarily know if I want to be in a bikini in front of all of America…um, I mean, I would say Big Brother. The length of time would be difficult for me but if it was a week version of any of the show I’ve cast, then I would definitely choose Big Brother.

Dan: Okay! Fair answer. And finally, Robyn, before we let you go, tell us how someone listening to this right now that wants to find out about Kassting Inc. and they want to get in touch with you or follow what you’re up to – how do they do that?

Robyn: Okay, two best ways is either my going to my website Kasstinginc.com or you can follow me on Twitter and it’s: @Kassting. I’m going to try, especially in the past year, I’m going to try and answer people’s questions, give them a little insight on shows I’m doing, you can always apply for shows on my website. You could also apply just to be in my database. Just to be in my general database at Kasstinginc.com. There’s an email for information and questions. So those are definitely the two best ways to get ahold of me.

Dan: Okay, great. And for those of you listening, you might be on the road and can’t write it down, all of Robyn’s links will be in the Show Notes at HowToGetOnRealityTV.net/Episode10 cause this is the 10th Episode and Robyn is there anything, just to save people time, is there anything people send you that you won’t respond to? Creepy tweets and… (laughs)

Robyn: Yeah, I just tell people to be nice. I try to respond to people. I like to hear what people think. If you say one mean thing, I’ll delete you from my Twitter. You guys can’t do that because I’m sure you get it a lot more than I do, but…I don’t care if you don’t like my cast, that’s fine, but if you’re mean to me, mean to someone on my staff or something…that’s not good.

Dan: And just for the sake of Robyn taking a long time out of her day to do this, don’t be mean to her. She’s super nice, she’s super helpful, and if you don’t get cast on a show, don’t give up. It’s not Robyn’s fault. You just gotta get a little better. But Robyn, thank you, thank you so much for coming on! I had a lot of fun. I know everyone’s gonna love this episode. Thank you for coming on the podcast. We really appreciate it!

Robyn: Thank you and please give my love to Chelsea!

Dan: I will! Thanks, Robyn!

Robyn: Alright, see ya later baby! Bye!

Dan: Bye!

Dan: And there you have it! The interview with Robyn Kass! It was so nice of her to take time out of her busy schedule to come on the podcast and share what she did and answer all the questions. Because Robyn is the Gatekeeper to a handful of the popular reality TV shows and she’s an expert. So for her to take the time to do this time out to share her expertise with the podcast, I know I appreciate and I’m sure you guys do as well. So if you wanna keep up with Robyn, you can follow her on Twitter @Kassting or on her website which is Kasstinginc.com.

So as we wrap things up, I just wanna reach out to you guys – if there’s anyone you want to see on the Podcast or if there’s a topic you would like to see discussed, I want to hear from you. You can fill out a quick form to me and let me know what you’re thinking at HowToGetOnRealityTV.net/ask. That will take you to this form and it will come directly to me and let me hear you thoughts on the Podcast as to who you would like to see next on here, or the next topic, or whatever you guys need help with about getting on reality TV. That’s what I’m going to be aiming towards in the next few weeks – focusing on what you guys want to hear.

So, with that being said, look for the next podcast two weeks from today, which will be another Wednesday as we stay on pace to hit the 30 Episode mark by the end of the year. Thank you guys so much for tuning in, I hope you guys enjoyed this one, and I will take to you guys soon! See ya!

Oh, and one more thing – if you’ve noticed on the website, you can now download transcripts of every podcast, it’s thanks to two people: Paige and Sam. Thank you guys so much, you’re the best!

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Joseph Rodriguez April 19, 2013 at 7:31 am

Hey, Dan! Great podcast, a lot of wonderful insight! It would be awesome if you could get Lynne Spillman on the show! And I think a good topic would be maybe dissecting how you should do the audition tape and how you can really show who you are on it.


Dominic Pelle April 19, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Aentertaining and informative podcast.

Thanks Dan and Robin and the transcript guys Paige and Sam for another entertaining and informative podcast. Can’t wait for the next one.


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