Ian’s Corner — Overnight Flip, Double Eviction, and a Return to Standard Play

by Ian Terry


A wise woman once said, “In the Big Brother house, things change on a dime.” I remember being told that as a player, and after watching the feeds last night, I really couldn’t agree more.  Zach, who was once a dead man walking, is looking like he’ll be safe at least in tonight’s first eviction. How did this change come about, and what do I predict will happen in the Double Eviction with a return to standard play? After a one-week break, find out my take in this article!

Late last night, I was about to go to bed a lot earlier than usual. A heavy sadness weighed down my heart in knowing that #ZachAttack would likely be going home the next evening. A Houston man living alone in a one-bedroom apartment shed a single tear. Though I’m embellishing a bit (okay… a lot) here, I was definitely really disappointed that Zach was facing the chop.

Through Twitter, I read that Derrick and Cody had changed their minds regarding their planned eviction votes against Zach by considering the numbers in the house after Caleb (of all people!) talked to them about it. They immediately went to work in the ice room, trying to collect the five votes needed to ensure Zach’s safety. I turned on my feeds, and there I saw that the pair pulled in Frankie, Christine, and Caleb. Derrick  sat and worked his manipulative magic, selling each of those three players sound strategic reasoning and managed to flip them. With only eight votes this week, five is Zach’s magic number, and it looks like he has at least that (Victoria should be voting Zach to stay, but who knows with her). Of course, the beauty of the Big Brother game, is that Zach’s assumed his safety this entire time, and hasn’t the slightest idea that he was almost out on an 8-0 vote.

A lot of people have said to me on Twitter that they don’t know if this is a great move for Derrick and Cody. Their argument centers around the fact that if Zach catches wind of the original plan to boot him, he’ll turn on them in some fit of irrational craziness (as Zach is wont to do). While there is danger to this, I feel like votes speak infinitely louder than words here, and Derrick and Cody should be in the clear.

So, with Jocasta presumably heading out the door tonight, what can we expect in tonight’s Double Eviction episode? Well, obviously, the dual-HoH twist is going to have to end. There’s clearly not going to be time to hold a Battle of the Block and a Veto comp  in a 60-minute episode.

Heading into the HoH-comp, it seems like Derrick’s alliance has a numbers advantage. That said, more often than not, the HoH competitions in Double Eviction episodes tend to be of the “quiz booth” variety, which may favor a Donnie win. If everything goes as planned for Derrick’s side, Donnie and Nicole will be up for nominations. This might be a mistake, as I think going that route would best be done by getting Hayden up there on the block with Nicole. A Donnie HoH, however, would make for a pretty interesting scenario after seeing how he reacts to tonight’s (likely) shock boot. Either way, I’m more pumped for tonight’s episode than I have been in a long time!

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