Ian’s Corner — Who Has What It Takes?

by Ian Terry




Well, we’ve now had a few days for the BB16 cast to showcase why they think they have what it takes to win a half-million dollars. After watching interviews, reading cast bios, and thinking about it for awhile, I’ve finally settled on the three people that I believe have the best chance to take the win home! So, without further ado, here are my picks to win it all:

Zach, 23 (a recent college graduate from Florida)

A lot of people seem to have mixed opinions on this guy, but I really believe this guy has a decent shot at winning this game. First things first, he recently graduated with a degree in Economics, which tells me he’s familiar with basic strategic reasoning that he’d find in his Game Theory class. While you obviously can’t go to school to learn “how to win Big Brother“, if there’s any degree that would probably best prepare you for the game, it’s that one (after-all, its name comes from the Greek for “rules of the house”)!

Even more telling though, was how he seemed in his interviews. While he was speaking to whomever was interviewing him, I was fully captivated by what he was saying. I actually felt like I wanted to listen to Zach, and that he was someone that would make fun summer company. If you’ve ever seen the show Workaholics, he comes off to me like a sharper Adam DeMamp (which is probably a good thing!). Furthermore, when I talked to those who interviewed him, they told me that he seemed markedly more relaxed and personable once the interview ended. This tells me that he has the ability to turn the “volume” of his personality on and off, which shows a certain level of self-awareness, an important skill for the game.


Donny, 42 (a school groundskeeper from North Carolina)

So far, Donny seems to be a popular pick to do well among fans and former players alike, and for good reasons! First off, his “older, Southern gentleman” persona comes off to me as completely nonthreatening. On top of that, he seems incredibly affable in all of his interviews. What HoH is ever going to want to put this guy up for nomination!? I can’t see this guy ever getting evicted prior to Final 8, so that’s a great start. I’d imagine that his occupation would lead to him being in pretty good shape for physical competitions, so he might be a challenge powerhouse when it really counts.

One other thing that may not be too noticeable about Donny: he’s dangerously genre-savvy. He’s claimed in interviews that he only watches reality TV, and he clearly knows Big Brother very well. He may have a leg-up on the competition if he can anticipate the timing of typical twists and turns to the game, and after-all, it’s always beneficial to know the very general game heuristics of Big Brother.


Nicole, 21 (a recent nursing school graduate from Michigan)

I’ll be the first to admit that there are a few things that concern me about Nicole’s chances in the game, but there are just as many, if not more reasons that I could see her doing well. To start with a big positive, she has great taste in former players! Saying that she likes me and Dan definitely starts her off on the right foot! Next, I’d say that, like Donny, she has a wonderfully sweet, nonthreatening personality that is really apparent in her interviews. I’d like to think of her as a more slick version of Jordan (who came one bad competition outcome away from winning the game twice!). If she’s as brainy as she claims to be, she’ll be a competition threat in the endgame, which I think she has a good chance of seeing.

My biggest negative with Nicole is that she expressed a desire to never throw a competition. While I understand her reasoning there, I often think that rolling the dice and throwing is a great way to improve your long-term chances, even if it may seem risky in the short-run. I have faith that she’ll come around to throwing in certain situations, and when she does, I’m optimistic. As far as other negatives go, her adorable quirkiness may irritate her competitors, but I really can’t see that being a huge factor in game-play. Overall, when the season ends, I could easily see her holding the $500,000 check.

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Carol Ⓥ (@Carol30040) June 24, 2014 at 10:51 am

Great picks! Can’t wait for it to start!


Jennie July 10, 2014 at 6:18 pm

I would love Zach to win Ian~~! Great Picks!!


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