Ian’s Corner — Watching the BB Stock Market

by Ian Terry

Much like the trading floor, the BB House can be a hectic, chaotic, and downright crazy place. Now that we’ve had 20 full days to observe the BB16 Houseguests in action, it’s only fitting that we take a look at which players are performing well above expectation, and which player’s stock in the game is crashing before our eyes!

Going into the game, I wasn’t particularly bullish on Derrick’s chances. Like many did, I assumed he would have a hard time hiding his real occupation, and would be targeted early. Much to my disbelief, he’s hidden this quite well and isn’t even close to the top of anybody’s target-list right now. After seeing him play this last week, however, my opinion on him has shot up to the stratosphere. This week, there’s been one person pulling the strings behind the scene to keep Zach in the game: and that would be Derrick. This guy has practically orchestrated a house flip all on his own in what I think should be one of the best post-Veto eviction escapes in the history of the show. Though he’s playing a bit harder than I’d typically like to see in the early game, I believe that his persuasive works are helping him build a winning portfolio!



Christine barely missed the cut to be one of my pre-season picks in an earlier article I posted. Right now, I’m definitely kicking myself over the fact I didn’t pick this player while I had the chance. Much like Derrick, Christine is a very effective liar in the House, a skill that’s critical to success in the game. Christine’s greatest value, however, lay in the fact that she’s virtually protected from all realistic angles in the house right now. In a season where the game’s twist seems to favor nominating weaker players, she’s kept all eyes off her thus far, and is in good standing with nearly everyone in the game. Her affiliation with the bomb squad has proven fruitful, and working with Hayden and Nicole gives her plenty of flexible options for the long term (and that’s a great thing!). I fully expect to see Christine last for awhile in the House based on her solid social standing.



I wasn’t high on Devin’s chances going into the game, and now I’m definitely not high on Devin’s chances here. He’s made so many bad deals that I feel like he’s about to go strategically bankrupt in the Big Brother House. Devin has flip-flopped on whom he wants to get evicted during his HoH week several times, and is about to waste his power on a totally pointless and random Paola boot. His crush on Brittany was cringe-worthy to the extreme, and the way he went about telling her his feelings was so awkward that it looked like something I’d have done during my freshman year of college. Overall, I’d give Devin a AAA rating for entertainment, but an F- rating for game-play. I definitely won’t be buying any of his stock soon!


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