Webinar: 5 Deadly Mistakes When Applying For A Reality TV Show

by Dan Gheesling

How-To-Get-On-Reality-TV-Webinar-Five-Deadly-MistakesHey guys, I’m super excited to invite you to the first ever How To Get On Reality TV Webinar this Wednesday (February 13th) at 6:45PM EST.

The whole Webinar is centered around the 5 biggest mistakes you can make when applying for a Reality TV show.

You’ll learn what mistakes people make and how to avoid them!

Webinar Replay

What is a Webinar?

If you’re unfamiliar with a Webinar, it’s pretty simple.

Basically, it is the equivalent to attending a presentation I would give in person, except it’s all online.

Most people attend boring business Webinars like “Increasing Your Optimization for Sales of the East Coast Region Seminar.”

This is not that kind of Webinar. ;)

It will be fun, super informative, and interactive at the end. Plus, it is about something you actually care about doing.

You’ll learn the 5 Deadly Mistakes most people make when applying for Reality TV and how to avoid doing the exact same thing!

How You Sign Up

It is really, really easy.

Step 1: Click here.

Step 2: Fill in your information – and hit submit.

Step 3: That’s it.

It’s at no cost to you, and simple to sign up.

That’s It

I hope to see you there! The Webinar will only last 60 minutes (so yes, it will be over in time for the Survivor Premiere), and spots are limited.

It’s first come first serve registration and once all the spots are filled, that’s it. :)

Register Here to Reserve Your Spot Free

I’m super excited for Wednesday and hope to see you guys there!

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Colleen Kelly February 17, 2013 at 8:43 pm

Looks like a lot of work. I thought it was very interesting!. So much goes into applying. I had no idea!. Thanks for all your work :)
See ya!,
Colleen :)


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