Video Chat From Last Night!

by Dan Gheesling

If you missed the first How To Get On Reality TV Spreecast – it is embedded here for you to watch!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended and especially those who asked live video questions (@ajgibson0418, @gleeinvancouver, @MissLauraHall, Brandon, Tom, Adam, and Ethan!).

We covered a lot and even got a few great insider tips from both Evel Dick (Big Brother 8 Winner) and Casting Director Sarah Monson.

After you watch it, please take a second to let me know what you think about this Spreecast by posting in the comments below (also let me know if you want another one)!

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Colleen March 6, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Hi Dan,
I thought you did a nice job last night.! You handled it great, I know, with Shawn’s help of course. :) I told Shawn you both did a good job.
. I sent a couple comments to tell you that so you would feel good about how it was Sorry for that “ON AIR” typo. (cringe) lol
Were you nervous? I kept thinking, “What is he drinking?!” You were drinking like mad Then I thought, “Oh no…..Cola” lol
I don’t want to take up your time.. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time, to chat. I think you helped more than a few people last night and you know better than anyone what that means to them. They seemed to appreciate that and enjoy it!. Oh, of course, mentioning me! Gee, thanks! :) I appreciate you doing that. It’s nice to think maybe I help out, in some tiny way :)
C’ ya :)
Colleen :)


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