The End :)

by Dan Gheesling

In 2012 I launched this site as my first online business.

In six years the site has helped many people get cast on Reality TV on a wide range of shows.

My favorite thing about this endeavor was getting a random email of thanks from someone who had been cast on a show as a result of this site.

There have been people who got cast on the big name shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and the Amazing Race because of help from the information on this site, but it is always the random ones like international Survivor, a one off MTV show, or a cooking show I never heard of that have surprised me the most.

Like in any business things change.

In this case passions changed.

I do not feel like there is anything more I can add to this site, partly because I’ve said everything I can on the topic and mainly because my focus has shifted other places. :)

Reality TV will always be a part of my story, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have helped people with this site, but people evolve and develop new passions and change, so this is my way of saying goodbye to How To Get On Reality TV. :)

Every week I’ll get emails and tweets asking for help on Reality TV (which I am grateful to get) and everytime I direct them here to listen to the podcast for free.

There are 80+ podcasts you can listen to for free.

So I thought, since I am closing the doors on the business why not just make everything free? :)

Now, you can download everything here for free.




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