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I get the same question all the time: "How can I get on Reality TV like you did?" I get it so much, I decided to write it down and make it available to anyone who wanted to know the story.

It took me 9 long years of planning, trying, failing, learning, and then trying again, before I was finally cast on Reality TV.

My perseverance paid off in a big way when I won Big Brother 10
(and earned $500,000) and was invited back for Big Brother 14, where I was the

is this for me ?
  • Have you dreamed of appearing on Reality TV?
  • Did you send in audition videos, but never received a callback?
  • Have you scoured the Internet for the real story of Reality TV stars got their big shot, but found nothing?
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How to Get on Reality TV: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

HI Dan,
My name is Paul I just want to thank you for the step by step guide on getting on reality tv a lot of good pointers a lot of stuff I never knew you really helped me out. The reason I bought your online book I don't know if you know you probably know that big brother came to Canada. I've haven't really been a fan of big brother more a fan of survivor. After hearing so much talk about this past big brother season 14. I started watching big brother after dark and some episodes of bb14. And I kept hearing about this Dan guy and soon figured out who he was by watching and I loved the show. I went on the web but I could only find bb 9 10 11 I watched 10 and 11 and I love the show I loved how you played 10. After seeing you I got inspired to be on the show. I found out it was coming to Canada and heard about your online book.
You really helped me for my next audition if they do another.
I did a lot of stuff wrong my first video but because of you I'll be prepared for the next one.
II just finished your book. It was very helpful and informative. I have followed Big Brother since season 2 and I am also a SUPERFAN! This is my third time applying for Big Brother. I sent my audition tape as soon as they announced casting for season 15. I don't know if that was smart or not but I figured that might be a slight advantage.
I have always watched the show but this past year was the first time I watched After Dark because I now have Showtime. I used it as a learning expierience to see what living in the house would actually be like. It was there where I heard you talk about your book and I ended up buying it once I got my kindle. It was interesting to find out what you had to go through to get on the show but it looks like it paid off.
I just want to thank you for putting it out there for people like me who desperately want to be on the show. People think I'm crazy when I tell them it 's my dream but its good to know I wasn't the only one!
P.s. After last season I seriously think you deserve the tittle of Best Player of All-time! Wish me Luck
what is the story?

How to Get on Reality TV: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide will teach you everything you need to know about how the casting process really works for Reality TV shows.

Dan spent 9 years trying to get on Reality TV. He learned the hard way what works, and what doesn't. This exclusive guide will give you, step-by-step, the exact process make yourself far more likely to get cast on the Reality TV show of your choice.

Do You Know the #1 Mistake Made in the Semi-Finals?


  • 1
    Understand the Casting Process
    Your Opposition in the Game of Casting The Casting Funnel
  • 1
    Two Audition Video Strategies
    Building Your Plan
    Editing Your Video
    Just Film Already!
  • 1
    Learn the Casting Personnel
    Using Personnel Knowledge to Your Advantage
  • 1
    The Application
    Stick With Your Story
  • 1
    The Checkpoints
    Why You Need to Know the Checkpoints
  • 1
    Dominate the Semi-finals
    3 Tips to Killing the Semi-Final Interview
    Avoid the #1 Mistake Made in the Semi-finals
  • 1
    It Begins Now!
    Every Story Starts with This
    What Is Your Why-Factor?
  • 1
    Welcome to the Finals Here's What You Get
    Gain an Advantage Over the Other Finalists
    End the Final Interview
    The Final Advantage
  • 1
    Who Are You?
    Put Together Your Story
    Your Elevator Pitch
  • 1
    What Happens if You Don't Get Cast
    Milk the Call for Information
    Always Reload
  • 1
    Next Step: Apply!
    Behind the Scenes of a Casting Call
    The Audition Video
  • 1
    You Made It! Now What?

Reality TV is watched by millions. Yet very few people
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What Exactly Is How to Get on Reality TV?

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