Casting Video Analysis

How-To-Get-On-Reality-TV-Dan-Gheesling-Audition-VideoOne of the most requested things here on is to get opinions and reviews on your submitted audition tapes.

As the site has grown I was always able to give people a quick 30 second review for free, but unfortunately now I get too many requests during the busy season to do them all.

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to review everyone’s video and give them my opinion on what they need to change, but I will be offering it as a service for those who really want their audition video tuned up and changed to give them the best possible chance to get cast.

Here is the new service that is being offered:

Casting Video Review & Analysis

First Impression Audio Review

1. You will get an audio file (MP3) of my initial thoughts/opinions as I watch it for the first time. You can watch this concurrently with your audition video for a live commentary.

Opinion & Analysis Audio Review

2. You will get a short summary from me via MP3 file of analysis on your video, the changes you need to make, and any questions your video leaves the watcher asking.

3 Must Take Actions

3. After reviewing and analyzing your audition video, you will get 3 must take action steps to change your video. Concrete steps to make your video better.


After payment you will be redirected to a page with instructions on where to upload your video! All reviews come back within 72 hours!