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by Dan Gheesling

Hey and welcome to my site all about how to get cast on Reality TV!

Here you can check out all of my best advice about how to get cast on Reality TV both in articles and free podcasts!

My Best Casting Advice on Free Podcasts!

You can download all of the podcasts for free on iTunes here!mza_4282042477575610256.170x170-75

Also you can listen to 10+ hours of podcasts that cover a wide range of topics from open calls to what to put in your audition video here:

Podcast #1 – How To Stand Out At Open Casting Calls

Podcast #2 – All About Reality TV Audition Videos

Podcasts #3-5 – The 11 Year Casting Story of one CBS Survivor

Podcast #6 – Advice From Casting Director Erika Landin

Podcast #7, #8 – Casting Story of a College Student Turner Reality TV Show Winner

Podcast #9 – Your Reality TV Questions Answered

Podcast #10, #11 – Advice from Casting Director Robyn Kass

Podcast #12 – What To Do After Reality TV Rejection

Podcast #13 – How To Get Casting Experience

Podcast #14 – Casting Tips from Big Brother Canada

Check Out The Articles!

There are a ton of free article on the site, so they are broken down by category.

Check them out here:

Applying for Reality TV

Casting Process InformationReality-TV-Applicants

Expert Opinions

How To Get On Reality TV



Step By Step Guide & Video Course

If you are looking for all of the information condensed and into easy to digest formats I suggest you check out the

1. The Step by Step Casting Guide


2. The Reality TV Video Casting Bootcamp


Best of luck on your Reality TV journey!


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